4 New Stylish Ways to Revamp an Old Lehenga

Indian women love to deck up in beautiful ethnic and traditional outfits. And, the one traditional outfit every woman loves wearing is a lehenga. From flared skirts to gorgeous blouses, stylish lehengas always make a great pick for wedding celebrations. Lehengas can be expensive and the only drawback is that most women don’t like to repeat it. Well, there’s something you can definitely do with lehengas. Yes, you can style them in different new ways and create a new look every time. To give you some ideas, we have charted four ways you can style an old lehenga:

Lehenga sari
You can make your lehenga look like a sari by draping it differently. You can wear a cropped blouse and use a long dupatta to drape. Make pleats on dupatta and secure on the shoulders. You can wrap the rest of the section around the waist like to create an illusion of a sari. Depending on your lehenga type, you can try different blouses and dupattas to create a new look.

Layer a kurta or jacket
Team up the lehenga with plain and long kurta with a front or side slit to transform the entire look. You can also pair the lehenga with the long embellished jacket. Experiment with contrasting colors or shaded jackets, to pull off a vibrant look.

Indo-fusion style
You can skip the dupatta and pair your lehenga with a silk blouse, peplum top or a shirt. To glam it up, you can accessorize the look with a metallic gold or embellished belt. For a lehenga- shirt combo, pair a button-down shirt on the top of the lehenga skirt, it will give lehenga its due attention and make it look super stylish.

Turn it into Anarkali suit
Anarkalis will never go out of fashion. Transform the lehenga into floor length Anarkali by getting the blouse and lehenga stitched together. You can also get embellishments or a border stitched at the waistline to create a new look.

Inputs by Banik Walia, Designer & Founder, Baniramaa Designer Lounge

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