“Action can only take place when both sides are ready, cannot clap with one hand” – Salman Butt on resuming Indo-Pak ties

Former Pakistan captain Salman Butt concurred with new PCB chairman Ramiz Raja that resumption of Indo-Pak cricketing ties seems impossible at the moment. According to Butt, there are too many ‘political differences’ between the two boards at the moment.

At his first press conference since taking over as PCB chairman, Raja was asked whether Indo-Pak ties could resume. “Impossible right now” was his candid response.

Backing Raja’s views on the possible resumption of Indo-Pak cricketing ties, Butt observed that relations can only improve if both countries desire to do so, saying in this regard:

“Ramiz Raja gave a very reasonable response when asked whether Indo-Pak ties could be brought back on track. He candidly stated that it is impossible as of now. There are a lot of political differences and a gap has been created in the relation between the two countries. Yes, somewhere along the line, the situation could improve. But, immediately, it is impossible, which is quite right.”

Salman Butt further added that the resumption of Indo-Pak ties is not the country’s priority as of now. What is more important is to improve the overall structure of cricket in Pakistan, opined Butt.


“He (Raja) doesn’t seem to be in a hurry as well to improve Indo-Pak relations. Action can only take place when both sides are ready, you cannot clap with one hand. This is definitely the right way to look at it. Also, right now this is not the issue at hand. What’s important right now is to improve Pakistan cricket and its infrastructure. Players have to be given the right path to move ahead. Everything should be on merit. These are things that Pakistan need to focus on at present,” Butt said.

“Yes, we all wish to see India-Pakistan matches. Fans on both sides are eager for the same. But some people think differently. At the moment, what they are thinking is happening. So this is not the time to think or talk about it,” the former Pakistan opener opined.

“We have to focus on our domestic and local cricket” – Ramiz Raja dead bats question on Indo-Pak relations

Reacting to a query on the possibility of Indo-Pak cricket resuming, Raja stated that the priority as of now is to solely focus on Pakistan cricket.

“(On Indo-Pak bilateral games) Impossible right now… because the sporting model has been spoiled by politics, and right now it is a status quo, and we are not in a hurry on this issue because we have to focus on our domestic and local cricket,” Raja responded.

India and Pakistan have been facing each other only in ICC events in the last few years. The duo will next clash at the T20 World Cup on October 24 in Dubai.

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