AMC shares climb by 13% in the stock market on Wednesday morning.

Movie theater chain AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc (NYSE: AMC) was among the most popular “meme stocks” in early 2021. In recent days, the meme stock trade returned in full force with shares of AMC up 13% Wednesday morning and are higher by nearly 50% in the past five days alone.

There is no company specific news that would justify a surge in valuation in AMC stock. Some are speculating the move higher after, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) expressed deep interest in acquiring MGM’s content library. This move reinforces the thesis that despite the rise of streaming video options, theatrical releases still have a lot of value.

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Regardless of the trading thesis, if you want to buy AMC stock as it looks to retest recent highs of $20.36 then this guide is for you.

Where & how to buy AMC stock now: top stock brokers to buy AMC

Buying shares of AMC has never been easier as the competitive environment in the stock broker industry has never been as fierce. This is great news for investors as brokers look to stand out by offering cheap or even zero-commission trades.

In order to buy AMC stock now you need to select a reputable and trustworthy stock broker. To save you time, our team of financial experts evaluated many stock broker platforms and we are comfortable in backing two platforms where you can easily buy shares of AMC.


One of the most popular stockbrokers today is eToro because of its combination of social elements with ultra-low if not zero-commission fees. The Israeli multi-asset brokerage company has been serving investors from all over the world since 2006.

If you value the peace of mind that comes with a reliable stockbroker, buying AMC shares on eToro would be the safest option. You can register for an account now at the link below:

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Plus 500

As a CFD broker, Plus500 is a bit different from eToro. Instead of buying the stock, it lets you put your money in a derivative product, the value of which is bound to change based the stock performance, in this case, AMC Entertainment Holdings. 

What’s common, however, is that Plus500 is just as safe and efficient if you want to buy AMC stock. You can register for an account on Plus500 on the link below. 

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What is AMC stock?

AMC Entertainment is currently about 900% up year-to-date in the stock market. It has been one of the favourite stocks of WallStreetBets in recent months, second only to GameStop. The retail investors driven AMC hype sparked again in May resulting in an over 70% gain over the last two weeks. 

Can AMC stock move higher?

AMC stock closed for trading on Tuesday at $16.41 and was testing the $19 level Wednesday morning. Continued momentum in AMC stock makes the case for shares to trade above its recent highs that were seen in early 2021.

Much has changed over the past few months and the case for growth in AMC stock is much higher now than it was in January.

Specifically, the rise in AMC stock could also be attributed to the continued easing of the COVID-19 health crisis in the US and other key markets, like the United Kingdom. Easing of mask mandates and ongoing vaccination initiatives means people will feel a lot more safe re-visiting theaters, especially ahead of a busy slate of film releases in the coming months.

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