Aquarius Daily Horoscope for Sept 15: We see challenges in career

AQUARIUS (Jan 22-Feb 19) 


Your out of the box and innovative ideas ensure that your objective and desires come to beautiful fruition. You are likely to get unlimited occasions to develop your personal and professional skills.  Pushing the boundaries with a highconcept project is likely to bring much satisfaction. Your open-minded and highly social nature makes you enjoy gatherings to the hilt.Being an Aquarius, you are also knownfor your rebellious streak. But, you will need to mend your head-strong ways and listen to reason. Avoid wasting your energies on useless battles and channelize your focus on the more important and productive aspects of your life.Long term investments, especially in land or immovable assets may prove to be more profitable and secure.



Aquarius Finance Today 


This day is going to be economically beneficial for you. The positive steps taken by you will bolster your finances. A loaned amount is likely to be returned before the deadline.


Aquarius Family Today 


A free and open-hearted discussion will enable to resolve long-standing disputes in the family. An auspicious occasion, like a wedding or religious ceremony, is likely to be organized at home bringing immense happiness and gaiety. 


Aquarius Career Today 


There may be some challenges for your career but you must continue to work hard to achieve your goals. You need to proceed cautiously in something that you have not attempted before at work. Remain alert as mistakes could prove to be embarrassing and expensive. 



Aquarius Health Today 


An illness that was cured might reoccur, if you are lax in matters of your health. It will be necessary for you to pay attention to your health apart from other work. Those trying to come back in shape need to avoid shortcuts at all costs.   


Aquarius Love Life Today 


If you like someone secretly, but have been admiring them from afar; this is the day confess your true feelings with new found confidence. There is strong indication of getting a positive response.  Those who are in a committed relationship may get married as they get the approval of their near and dear ones.


Lucky Number: 18

Lucky Colour:Purple


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