Bottle Gourd (laukee) toxicity: Tahira Kashyap lands up in ICU after consuming bitter bottle gourd, shares a warning note | The Times of India

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Bitter gourd toxicity is a health condition which can lead to poisoning and disturb blood pressure levels in the body. While bitter gourd, locally known as ‘lauki’ or ‘doodhi’ is considered to be no less than an antidote containing powerhouse of nutrients benefitting weight loss, cholesterol and blood sugar reduction, it can be troubling to one’s health if it is consumed in its raw form, or when it’s extremely bitter and induce serious digestive problems.

Taking to Instagram to share her own experience, Tahira mentioned that the one mistake she made was to confuse the vegetable juice’s bitterness to be ‘normal’, which unfortunately didn’t bode well with the body.

Mentioning that she was regularly consuming bitter gourd juice with haldi (turmeric), she confusingly mistook the bitterness to be normal because of the ‘high Vitamin C’ in it, but ended up suffering badly. After gulping down the concoction, she ended up puking several times in a day, and later had to be hospitalized.


Further warning her fans to look into the green juice or any concoction they take, her Instagram post read:

“Pls read about BOTTLE GOURD TOXICITY! I might be sounding all sorted and cool in this video that I made from my set, but I was in deep sh#%!Sharing deets as doctors also asked me to spread the awareness around too. I have picked my phone on all those who I know have the #greenjuice Bottle gourd toxicity has dire consequences, and dire is an understatement. Please read in between the lines. It’s lethal. In the name of health just don’t keep popping juices! There was a reason why I was in the ICU for the same, don’t want to divulge more gory details, but pls spread the word around #bottlegourdtoxicity #dhudhi #greenjuice”

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