Chainlink (LINK) partners Danal Fintech to make retail Bitcoin (BTC) payments possible | Invezz

A virtual asset payment provider Danal Fintech has announced a partnership with Chainlink (LINK) to support retail Bitcoin payments.

The service will be based on the Chainlink Oracles network and uses the Paycoin wallet. Chainlink’s Oracles will help to access accurate and transparent real-time market prices during the conversions from Bitcoin (BTC) to Paycoin’s digital currency PCI.

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There is no doubt that Chainlink is the largest Decentralized Finance (DeFi) project in the cryptocurrency market. The project’s token LINK is also doing well in the market as the number of investors who buy LINK tokens has increased recently.

Chainlink has an impressive market cap of $14.10 billion. With the strong trading fundamentals the company has put forward, it has increased the adoption of decentralized systems and cryptocurrencies.

Improving transparency within the crypto market

On a similar note, DuckDAO has also announced its partnership with Chainlink to speed up the development of the DeFi project. DuckSAO is another community-based digital currency incubator.

It’s a new trend that will foster the growth of cryptocurrency markets. It will also expand crypto-based services to a wide spectrum of clientele, offering transparency and more efficiency. The projects are also engaged to favor the mainstream fiat money markets.

Paycoin is a payment service based on blockchain technology. It is also one of the biggest payment gateways in South Korea. The service was launched two years ago and has partnered with over 60,000 merchants in Korea within that period. Some of its partners include KFC, Domino’s Pizza, as well as 7-Eleven.

Danal Fintech has one of the best payment gateways in South Korea. Ever since it was launched, the company has been looking to expand its services within the growing crypto market. The company also announced it is now the first company to commercialize Bitcoin payments in South Korea.

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