Coronavirus Breakthrough Infection: Study finds a new risk factor for breakthrough COVID-19 infection, here’s what it is

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About 579,372 fully vaccinated individuals participated in the study, of which 30,183 with a diagnosis of SUD. The volunteers were vaccinated between December 2020 and August 2021, and had not contracted the infection prior to vaccination.

The risk of breakthrough infection amid SUD patients went from 6.8 percent for tobacco use disorder to 7.8 percent for cannabis users. The percentage was significantly higher to the non-SUD population, which was 3.6 percent.

As per the study, “These data suggest that fully vaccinated SUD individuals are at higher risk for breakthrough COVID-19 infection, and this is largely due to their higher prevalence of comorbidities and adverse socioeconomic determinants of health compared with non-SUD individuals.”

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