Coronavirus: Can you still test positive for COVID-19 after getting vaccinated? Who can transmit the infection? | The Times of India

Vaccine cut down illness and severity rates, not the transmission.

Another important factor to keep in mind while getting vaccinated is that most vaccines which have been rolled out for use right now work to prevent you from getting sick, i.e., stop the virus from inflicting problems on your body. While some of the vaccines can easily ‘block’ symptoms from showing up, they do not fully protect against the infection.

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In the lack of this knowledge, a lot of people who have been vaccinated can still be carriers of the pathogen, spread it onto others who may not have been vaccinated. This, as a trend, has also been observed with other epidemics and infectious diseases in the past years.

Right now, while studies on the clinical level are still being evaluated, it has been seen that only a couple of vaccines have the power to act on transmission rates, such as the Oxford-Astrazeneca jab. The more we wait, we’ll be in a better position to have research-backed, more efficient vaccines against COVID-19.

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