Coronavirus Lockdown Live News: Mumbai lockdown soon? Nothing decided yet, says Maharashtra minister

A health worker conducts COVID-19 testing of a passenger at KSRTC bus stand amid surge in coronavirus cases in Bengaluru. (PTI photo)

2021 Coronavirus Lockdown India Live Updates: India, mask up! This is the simplest way of averting the loss of lives and rising caseload due to the second wave of coronavirus in the country. Official figures state that there has been a meteoric rise in the number of cases. The current exponential increase stands at 150 per cent! Across India, 70 districts are responsible for the surge. States such as Uttar Pradesh, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are witnessing almost 10 per cent of the corona vaccines getting wasted. The other key factor is over-dependence on the antigen tests. In his virtual meeting on Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also expressed concerns over the same and said that the state authorities must get their act together and resume the high scale of RT-PCR testing.

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Maharashtra registered nearly 24,000 cases in a single day on Wednesday. Though it is not uncommon for the nations to witness several waves of the coronavirus, what is starling in the context of India is absolutely zero regard for the face mask discipline by people in general. Unless being forced by the fear of exorbitant fine, people, in general, are not seen wearing face masks. Those who do wear, either don’t wear it properly or are not regular about it.

In fact, the level of non-commitment to one’s safety is so high that the aviation regulator DGCA had told airlines to deboard those flyers who don’t wear the face masks properly. The grim reality is that a year has gone by with over 1.5 lakh individuals losing their lives. It is time to understand that coronavirus is here to stay.

As the nation comes to term with the stark news of the second wave, here are the latest and verified updates from across India and around the world on the coronavirus pandemic.

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