Coronavirus loss of smell symptom: How does the loss of smell from COVID-19 actually feel like? We ask a COVID-19 survivor

Divya had developed a nagging headache for three-four days which she brushed off as nothing. However, when her brother tested positive for COVID-19 after experiencing loss of smell, she also decided to get herself tested. Around the time her reports came out to be positive, Divya experienced a complete loss of smell, meaning she could not smell anything at all. “My taste was also partially impacted owing to the complete lack of smell, but I could still detect flavours, even though the taste wasn’t as prominent.”

While Divya regained her sense of smell in roughly 4-5 days after testing negative for COVID-19, her brother, who has also tested negative, is yet to get his sense of smell back. It has been 20 days since he has tested negative for COVID-19, but he still hasn’t regained his sense of smell.

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