Coronavirus: People share how their sense of smell and taste got affected after they got infected | The Times of India

Loss of sense of smell and taste are two of the most common and sure-shot symptoms of Covid-19. While the primary symptoms consisted of fever, cough and shortness of breath, in March 2020, many researchers observed an increase in the number of Covid-19 patients who experienced a loss of sense of smell and taste. By April 2020, almost 60% of the infected people were diagnosed with the same.

Besides causing physical ailments, loss of sense of smell can also have a profound emotional impact on the patients. From being unable to experience the small pleasures of life, they also have to deal with the anxiety that originates from the pressures of recovering and handling the same.

Although, loss of sense of smell (Anosmia) and taste (Ageusia) are proven symptoms for Covid-19, it can cause a lot of confusion and doubts in patients, which may hinder the process of diagnosis. Therefore, to help you understand better, here is what people have to say about their experiences with the same.

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