Coronavirus vaccination: Is it normal to feel a headache after getting vaccinated? Here’s how you can resolve it | The Times of India

If you aren’t in favour of popping in pills, there are also some home remedies worth a try.

Headaches, a sign of inflammation can be relieved by using icepacks or cold compress. It can also take care of any swelling if you do happen to develop any.

There are also some natural headache relieving foods. Drinking coffee, eating green-leafy veggies, ginger can also help.

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Using essential oil therapies, avoiding foods rich in histamine can also work.

As a precaution, it has also been advised to cut down on alcohol consumption after inoculation, which may not only reduce antibody response but also act as a bad trigger for your headache.

Lastly, if you can, do consider taking some time off after your vaccination. It will help the body rest and recover well.

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