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CryptoTask, the biggest decentralized freelance platform, is using Tezos (XTZ/USD) to pave the way to Decentralized Freelancing (DeFree), Invezz learned from a press release by the company. CryptoTask has more than 35,000 satisfied users with over 100 new ones signing up every day. The platform has selected Tezos to facilitate acceleration of its decentralized marketplace.

Secure and Upgradable

CryptoTask chose Tezos because of how safe and upgradable its blockchain is. By using the energy-efficient and scalable solutions of this blockchain, CryptoTask intends to grow and improve its decentralized marketplace functions.

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Affiliate Marketing

Ivan, co-founder of the app, expressed delight at their recent milestone:

 “It’s a memorable day that we have been waiting for months now. CryptoTask on Tezos will disrupt freelancing as we know it. The platform and our users will hugely benefit from the Tezos blockchain through low gas fees, smarter smart contracts, and low energy consumption. We can’t wait for our users to see and feel the change Tezos is bringing to our freelance marketplace.”

CryptoTask is one of the most dynamic marketplaces of its kind with over 100 daily transactions and superior quality job ads. Building on Tezos will make it possible for the freelancer marketplace to open easy to access digital wallets and work on fiat on-ramps, P2P job matching, automated instant payout settlement, and other important features. All of their smart contract infrastructure will be based on Tezos. 

Why you should keep your eyes on Tezos

Among Tezos’ most remarkable and noteworthy points is possessing the first and oldest Proof of Stake blockchain. In 2021, network activity on it increased by 1,200 percent, in part due to its ease of use and energy efficient design. The smart contracts capable of handling the intricacies developers demand have been tested and verified. To improve token standards, reduce gas fees, raise transaction speed, and achieve other improvements, Tezos has undergone six network upgrades. These were made possible by on-chain governance, where one doesn’t need a fork to propose, approve, and integrate improvements.

CryptoTask charges zero fees

Demand for freelance marketplaces is very high, but issues surrounding their reliability, cost, and transparency have slowed their growth. To stay competitive, CryptoTask maintains a fully transparent escrow payment system without fees. It’s an inclusive marketplace that attracts businesses and experts from different fields across territories and continents.   

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