Dana White slams ‘crackhead’ Oscar De La Hoya for telling Alexander Volkanovski that he is underpaid after UFC 266 war

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Oscar De La Hoya believes UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski is massively underpaid, but Dana White strongly disagrees.

‘The Golden Boy’ took to Twitter to congratulate Volkanovski moments after his successful title defense at UFC 266. However, De La Hoya clearly struck a chord with White when he said the Aussie champ “made 1/20 of what you’re worth.” The UFC boss fired back by tweeting:

“STFU U crack head. Faking that u had Covid and robbing me of watching u get KTFO by @vitorbelfort you should win an academy award for your hospital performance.”

White’s response is in reference to De La Hoya’s scheduled clash with former UFC light heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort. De La Hoya was forced to withdraw from the fight after supposedly contracting COVID-19. Belfort fought Evander Holyfield instead.


Quería que escucharas directamente de mí que a pesar de estar completamente vacunado, contraje Covid y no voy a poder pelear el próximo fin de semana. Prepararme para este regreso ha sido todo para mí durante los últimos meses y quiero agradecer a todos por su tremendo apoyo. https://t.co/9q4NUnccl7

A huge segment of boxing fans, including White, apparently believed De La Hoya was faking his sickness to avoid Belfort. The iconic boxer posted videos of himself in the hospital, but White claimed it was all an act worthy of an “academy award.”

Dana White’s beef with Oscar De La Hoya

The ongoing feud between UFC president Dana White and Golden Boy Promotions head honcho Oscar De La Hoya allegedly stems back to Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor.

White and the UFC were heavily involved in promoting the crossover matchup. However, De La Hoya was on the opposite end of the spectrum as he urged boxing fans to boycott the “circus” boxing matchup. Since then, White and De La Hoya have been at odds with one another.

It wasn’t the first time Dana White made fun of Oscar De La Hoya’s struggles with drug addiction. The UFC boss was previously asked about the former six-division champion’s potential return to competition. According to White, De La Hoya was desperate to fight again because “cocaine isn’t cheap.”

The 48-year-old has been open about his checkered past with substance abuse. He also previously sought help from rehab centers on multiple occasions.

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