Dengue DENV-2 Strain: Are dengue DENV-2 strain reinfection cases really severe? Here’s what we know

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As stated above, reinfections can be riskier for those who have battled an infection from previous serotypes, or over an age, or have concerning comorbidities. However, the best ways to prevent a dengue infection through and through remain on enforcing protective norms, when the season swells. Apart from building good immunity and following proper lifestyle modifications, ensure that you:

-Clean and disinfect standing water sources and avoid water stagnation.

-Replace water in pots, stands, bird feeders every day.

-Try and wear full sleeved clothes to avoid exposing yourself to mosquitoes

-Make use of mosquito repellants

-Use essential oils, repellants, sprays and nets to avoid mosquitoes at home

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