We carry a large selection of Yamada Pumps, Iwaki Pumps, Crane, HMD/Kontro pumps at Liquid Handling Equipment, Inc. in Charlotte, NC. Including Ebara, Centrifugal & Submersible Stainless Steel, Flux Pumps Drum-Polypropylene, PVDF, Aluminium & Stainless Steel Construction-Industrial / Sanitary, Centrifugal Pumps and Fittings, Price Centrifugal, Cast Iron, Bronze Submersible – Dewatering. Contact us to discuss your liquid handling requirements.

Yamada Pumps

Yamada Pumps

Yamada pumps are well-known for their high-quality construction and endurance, making them useful in a wide range of sectors. We offer several types of pumps to satisfy the demands of our customers as top yamada pump distributors. These pumps are suited for high-precision, high-reliability applications such as chemical processing and food production.

Iwaki Pumps

Iwaki Pumps

With over 50 years of pump design engineering experience, we have established ourselves as a global leader in the best chemical handling equipment utilised in OEM, Industrial, Chemical Process, and Semiconductor applications. Iwaki Pumps and Walchem share a cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Holliston, Massachusetts. Iwaki America, Inc. and Walchem, which are located 30 miles southwest of Boston, are strengthened by sharing combined administrative and corporate management capabilities, while each firm maintains and focuses on its own research and development, sales, customer service, and manufacturing.

HMD Kontro Pumps

Kontro pumps have a sealless magnetic drive architecture that provides various operating benefits, making them a great alternative to typical sealed pumps. Kontro sealless magnetic drive pumps avoid the risk of productivity loss, personnel damage, and environmental effect by having no leakage or emissions. Furthermore, their simplified components allow for little replacement parts inventories, lowering operational expenses. By introducing Kontro sealless magnetic drive pumps into your workflow, you can boost reliability and uptime.

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Crane Pumps

Crane Pumps & Systems is a world-class manufacturer of fluid handling systems. They provide a diverse selection of centrifugal and positive displacement pumps for a variety of industrial, commercial, and municipal applications. Crane Pumps are built to be efficient and dependable, and their innovative technology provides smooth operation, lower maintenance costs, and increased system longevity. Crane Pumps & Systems has established itself as a trusted partner for fluid handling solutions by focusing on innovation and customer satisfaction.

Flux Pumps

FLUX pumps are a well-known brand of liquid handling pumps used in industrial and commercial settings. They are well-known for their dependability, longevity, and ease of use, making them a popular choice in a variety of industries. FLUX pumps are available in a number of versions to fulfil the needs of various applications, including drum pumps, eccentric worm-drive pumps, and centrifugal pumps.

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