Diwali 2021: Vastu tips for clay item shopping

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Vastu shastra tells us about certain things made of clay that can brighten your luck. Bring home these clay made articles for prosperity and good luck

In the olden days, people used to rely on utensils made up of clay. Right from eating to drinking, people used to use earthen pots and utensils for various day to day needs. However, in the modern times, earthen pots and utensils have been replaced by utensils made of metal and plastic. Only some people know that vastu shastra holds a significant place for articles and artifacts made up of clay. It describes the significance of using earthen pots. Vastu shastra tells us about certain things made of clay which can brighten your luck. Bring home today these clay made articles.

1. The Clay Pitcher

Earlier, people used to drink water from a clay pitcher but in the modern time, the refrigerator has replaced the clay pitcher. Water from the clay pitcher is considered beneficial for health. Besides this, the clay pitcher can bring happiness and prosperity in your life. According to the vastu shastra, the clay pitcher should be kept in the North direction of the home. It is noteworthy here that the clay pitcher should always be filled with water. It is being said that by doing this the negativity can be removed and happiness and prosperity comes to one’s life.

2. Clay Statues or Idols

According to vastu shastra, the North East (Ishaan angle) and South West are connected to the earth element. Hence, keeping the clay statues or idols in this direction is considered auspicious. Artifacts made up of clay can be kept in these two directions for the decoration. It is said that one should always keep statues or idols made of clay in the temple at home.

3. Earthen Lamp

These days, people have started using lamps made of metal in the temple at their home. They do so as they are ignorant about the significance of an earthen lamp. According to vastu shastra, lighting an earthen lamp is considered to be auspicious. It is said that by doing so we attract happiness and prosperity to our home.

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