Does website design include SEO? Do web design agencies do SEO?

Does website design include SEO? Do web design agencies do SEO?


Your website is your introduction to potential customers. Professional web design in Ottawa is a way to set yourself apart from your competitors. When your website is beautifully designed to match your brand and make your site easy to navigate, customers will respond. The question is whether the search engine bots will respond favorably to your web design. There are many factors that go into good search engine optimization (SEO) but basically, it is the practice of improving your site for visibility in search engines.

At first glance, web design and SEO can seem like they have two different jobs. While they are two separate parts of the overall equation to get noticed, they are complementary and won’t work well without each other.  


There are many factors to consider for good web design. We usually think mostly about things like aesthetics, engagement, and interaction on your website, but it can also include content and usability. Professional web design thinks about colour, layout, fonts, and other design elements that visitors see and experience when they get to your site.

Good web design is also concerned about navigation through your site. A site that makes it easy for the customer to find information, delivers a positive user experience (UX), and has more potential to make the sale than one that is haphazardly laid out. The content on each page of your site should be engaging and relevant to the customer.  


SEO has a myriad of elements, but the most important ones are keywords, site navigation, backlinks, user experience, and site speed. Search engines index sites based on many different categories of evaluation. Although the algorithms are secret and ever-changing, we do know some of the concepts that can help sites rank higher. Working with a trusted and highly experienced company that offers SEO services in Ottawa can help your site rank better.  


One of the things SEO looks at is how long the user spends on your site. With better web design and content, you can keep users more interested in your website. Web design needs content. Using keywords in your content tells search engines how to index your site for search.

Designing a website that loads quickly benefits your SEO and increases the user experience. Although some web design services aren’t directly related to SEO, they still support good SEO practices. Work with a professional digital marketing team in Ottawa to get your website noticed by search engines and customers.