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Tech billionaire Elon Musk decided to drop in on the new social media app Clubhouse. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO announced this through his Twitter handle.

The tech CEO has previously come out in support of messaging app Signal and even urged people to “Use Signal” in view of the online chat privacy. Now, the new app to grab his attention is the audio-only chat app Clubhouse by Alpha Exploration Co.
What is Clubhouse?
Clubhouse is an invite-only app which means that anyone cannot chat with a person without the acceptance of the invite. As it is only audio-based, no texting is possible. Through Clubhouse, people can be invited to virtual rooms where they can hold discussions and talk on topics of common interest.
Musk has been critical about social media app Facebook and even asked people to delete the app once. He has voiced his opinions and in 2017, said that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s understanding of the future of AI was pretty “limited”.
It is highly probable that Musk’s tweet sparks an interest in the sections of social media-savvy public yet unaware about Clubhouse. As to how high the audio-only chatting app upholds the standard of the privacy of its users is yet to be known.

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