Employment and Business Opportunities in Cornwall, Ontario

Employment and Business Opportunities in Cornwall, Ontario


As one of the oldest settlements in Canada, Cornwall Ontario was once a manufacturing centre due to its unique location on the St. Lawrence River. The community has since diversified to adapt to modern times. According to the city’s website, Cornwall businesses have helped change the world over the past 150 years and they continue to do so today. With a large selection of homes for sale in Cornwall Ontario combined with a thriving economy, it’s a great place for families to call home. 

Industries in Cornwall, Ontario  

Manufacturing isn’t gone from the Cornwall economy, but more retail and office businesses are now established here. Customer service call centres and logistics facilities have created thousands of new jobs in the city. The town is incentivizing businesses through low-cost land, affordable electrical rates, and financial assistance programs to invest in Cornwall. The town also supports remote workers with its updated fibre optics services.  

A Growing Workforce Supports Businesses  

Businesses only succeed when the people who live in the community succeed. There is a strong work ethic ingrained in Cornwall’s local culture that supports a thriving economy. The town is committed to enhancing the health care facilities. Cornwall directly connects to Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto through a solid transportation infrastructure. Locally, the public transit system has excellent services to help minimize vehicular traffic and reduce pollution. Cornwall has a high quality of life with a lower cost of doing business, making it a great place to relocate.  

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