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The domestic stock market had another eventful week wherein the benchmark indices climbed in three out of four sessions to log significant gains. But the break-neck rally since the beginning of November is making analysts nervous, as they believe the market has run up too much too fast. Does this mean a major correction is in the offing? Should one start booking profits or should one wait for a correction to buy stocks or shift money to the broader market? We find out this and more in today’s special podcast with independent market expert Rajiv Nagpal.

Listen in.

Q. Do you think the market has run up too much too fast? Can a correction be good for the market?

Q. RIL has fallen for the last four sessions. What’s behind the weakness and what is your outlook for the stock?

Q. RBI panel has come out with a number of suggestions regarding the banking sector. Can they change the outlook for the banking sector, PSU bank stocks, in particular?

Q. The broader market has been seeing strong traction of late. Is it time to look beyond largecaps and put money in the broader market?

Q. What’s your take on gold now in the light of a possible vaccine development?

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