Explore the benefits of having these 4 Flower Infusions | The Times of India

How many of us are biased towards flowers? Indeed, we all are. With their vibrant colours, sweet smell and beautiful appearance, flowers are a sensory and visual treat. They are colourful, glorious, lively, in fact, science says that buying flowers makes us happier and healthier.

But did you know that flowers also come with myriad health benefits? Sipping flower infusions are the best way to reap in various health benefits they offer. But, one may ask, what flower infusion really are?

Well, flower infusions are made by dipping a large number of flowers in water for a long period of time. Because of their longer steep time, flower infusions contain a high nutrient content. The main difference between a tea and infusion is that infusion is caffeine-free and is usually consumed before going to bed. So, let’s take four flowers infusions and find out how these are helpful to us.

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