FAKE ALERT: No, Kangana is not with Abu Salem in this viral photo – Times of India

A photo of actress Kangana Ranaut posing with a man in a bar is being shared on social media with a claim that the man seen with her is underworld don and 1993 Mumbai bombings convict Abu Salem.
Using a very cheap and derogatory language to describe Kangana, Twitter user Habib Hasan posted the photo claiming that she is partying with Salem.

Several other Twitter users too posted the same photo with the same claim.

The man in this photo with Kangana is journalist Mark Manuel and not Abu Salem. There are no photos of Kangana with Salem on the internet.
Using reverse-image search, we found a news post dated September 24, 2018 from Huffington Post carrying the same photo.
Titled ‘Kangana Ranaut Should Realise She’s Too Talented To Milk Her Personal Life For Attention’, the post is authored by Mark Manuel, who’s himself posing with Kangana in this photo.

Times Fact Check has found that a photo of Kangana Ranaut with journalist Mark Manuel is being shared with a false claim that she is partying with underworld don and terrorist Abu Salem.

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