FAKE ALERT: Pakistani share photo of 2018 IAF helicopter crash as recent one – Times of India

Zaid Hamid, famous in Pakistan for Anti-Hindu and Anti-Jewish commentary, put out photo of a crashed chopper on Twitter to claim that an Indian Air Force (IAF) MI-17 helicopter crashed in Ladakh.

Habitual fake news peddling account Irmak Idoya too tweeted the same photo to claim the same.

Pakistani journalist Mubasher Lucman also posted the same photo showing wreckage of a MI-17 chopper to imply that an IAF helicopter crashed recently in Ladakh.

The photo is from 2018.
Using reverse-image search, we found a Times of India news report dated April 3, 2018 which carried the same image.

Titled ‘IAF helicopter collides with iron girder, catches fire; one person killed’, the report mentions that an MI-17 helicopter caught fire after it hit an iron girder while it was attempting to land in a helipad near the Kedarnath temple.

The report carried more photos from the accident.
Times Fact Check has found that a 2018 photo of an IAF MI-17 helicopter wreckage is being falsely passed off as a recent one from Ladakh.

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