Getting pregnant after miscarriage: All you need to know | The Times of India

Pregnancy leads to several hormonal changes in a woman’s body. Similarly, miscarriage also takes a heavy toll on your health. When trying to get pregnant after a miscarriage, it is safe to wait for a couple of months. This gap is important for uterus recovery from a miscarriage and regains strength for a safe and healthy pregnancy. There is no fixed time you must wait to try again, it all depends on how soon you feel you are ready.

However, we would recommend you check with your doctor also to ensure there are no complications. If there is scarring in the uterus, pieces of placenta left behind or significant blood loss, you might need to wait a little longer. Even if there are no risks of complications, wait as long as you want to process your emotions. Typically, it is not recommended to have sex for two weeks after a miscarriage to prevent an infection.

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