Google Alert! Your free Google Photos storage ending on June 1, check prices here

The days of free cloud storage on Google Photos are going to end from June 1, as the tech giant has already announced its plans to charge users for its storage service. 

Google Photos is currently offering unlimited storage to all its users, so that they can save all their memories on the cloud. However, from June 1, users will only get 15GB of cloud storage for free, meaning that they’ll now have to pay for using Google Photos beyond the cap. 

Google Photos charges

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Google will charge $1.99 (Rs 146 at current rates) per month to store new photos in cloud storage if you exhaust the 15GB free limit, as part of its Google one subscription. You can also buy the annual subscription at $19.99 per year (Rs 1464 at current rates).

The charges are applicable to only new photos and videos, which means that all your old photos and videos stored in your account are safe. The 15GB cap will be on all the media content that you’ll store from June 1 onwards. 

Google announced in November 2020 that the company is no longer going to provide unlimited free storage for “high quality” photos on Google Photos from June 1, 2021. 

My Pixel, my rules 

Google Pixel 2 or later owners are likely to continue to enjoy the unlimited free “high quality” photo backups on Google Photos. Pixel 2, 3, 4 and 5 owners are likely to get the benefits of the free photo storage offering. 

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