Google Chrome rolls out Live Caption feature for easy transcription – Times of India

Internet search giant Google has added a very useful feature to its Chrome browser that will transcribe audio playing in real-time.
The feature — called Live Captions — has been available on Pixel and Galaxy smartphones since some time now. However, now its reach has been expanded to the Chrome browser on the desktop.
Chrome browsers running on version Chrome 89 will be able to find the option to turn on Live Caption feature from accessibility option in advanced section of Settings from Chrome.
Once it is turned on, Chrome will download some speech recognition files. These captions appear in a pop-up window — that can be moved around — at the bottom of a video that can be extended.
We tried using this feature for YouTube on the web and found that the feature worked with an acceptable amount of lag.
The features work even if you mute the audio on the video and you will get a shortcut to start or end it from a toggle at the top of your Chrome Window.
As of now, the Live Caption feature works for English only, but support for more languages is expected to be rolled out soon.

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