Google to bring new UI changes in Android 12; check out the new privacy features

Google is coming up with a new operating system called Android 12 which will be the technology giant’s next OS for Android devices and it will launch later this year.

The leaked Android 12 features come with screenshots with the new UI changes including a new notifications panel, rounded corners, new privacy features, and a new widget selection. There is no official information about Android 12 on the leaked features.

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In one of the screenshots, a new notification panel UI can be seen and it has an opaque background and more pronounced rounded corners for each notification.  Instead of the six tiles, there seem to be four Quick Settings tiles that are bigger in size. On the top left, the date and time that appears have been interchanged and the top right of the notifications panel shows new icons.

The new icons in the screenshot seem to show if the camera or microphone is being used and tapping on these icons may show which app is using the camera or microphone. Privacy settings also seem to have been changed in Android 12 which could allow a user to completely disable the camera, microphone, and location access.

A new widget seems to be there in Android 12 which is called a ‘Conversations’ widget that may show recent messages, missed calls, or activity statuses, the report states. Google will make the Conversation widget mandatory for all devices that will run Android 12. There will be ‘People Shortcuts’ that provide quick information on contact.

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