How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact The Cybersecurity?

Artificial intelligence is the imitation of human intelligence processes by machines, essentially found in computers. It is increasing being adopted in Cybersecurity due to growing number of cyber-attacks including complexities. Owing to increasing developments in AI, the technology is highly beneficial to the under-resourced security operation analysts to get rid of endless number of threats. Some of the common applications of AI technology in day to day lives include biometric machines installed in workplaces, social media, parking vehicles (self-driving cars), email communications, web browsing, digital assistants, Amazon’s Alexa and more.

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Large scale companies have been facing security breaches, which had also affected personal information, email addresses, and crucial passwords. In order to avoid such information leakage and probable frauds, artificial intelligence is widely adopted by organizations. AI is also capable of detecting threats and related malicious actions. The traditional systems did not keep a track record of the number of fraud activities. To overcome this drawback, improved artificial intelligence technology, installed with complex algorithms detects malware attacks and activities of ransomware efficiently. They are also proficient enough to surpass the speed of conventional systems.

AI in Cybersecurity

How important is AI in Cybersecurity!!

Currently, artificial intelligence is gaining explosive demand due to increased workload on human workforce. To lessen the workload from human labor, artificial intelligence is expected to play a major role in handling detailed activities, which otherwise would not have been possible by humans accurately. Technological advancements in machine learning will ultimately impact the AI applications and will help systems to detect threats and identify critical issues quickly.  Some of the areas in cyber security, benefitted by artificial intelligence include:

  • Managing enormous amount of data
  • Speeding up of detecting and response time
  • Reducing work of human cyber security team
  • Detection of threat needles in cyber haystacks

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Hence, artificial intelligence is gaining significant popularity in Cybersecurity, including advancements in the domain. Moreover, researchers are focusing on improving the technology for detecting the constantly changing codes of malware activities.