How Important is Content to the Success of Your SEO Strategy?

How Important is Content to the Success of Your SEO Strategy?


Search engine optimization in Ottawa is the process of optimizing your website to get traffic from search engines. Although the algorithm to rank your site higher on the search engine results pages (SERPs) includes several elements, content is the one thing that you control. Meaningful, helpful content is what your audience wants. Search engines rely on content to index your site. Without content, your site is empty and won’t deliver ROI. 

Defining Content

There are many different definitions for online content, but the simplest is that content is the information you provide to the user. Content isn’t just written text, but it can be visual or audio, too. Ideally, content should engage, inform, or educate the user. Content isn’t just your blog. It’s all the information contained within your site, from your business name to its hours and address. Search engines use that information to respond to a user’s search. Providing relevant and useful content is just one of the things that Ottawa business owners should know about SEO to help your strategy and keeps your users informed.  

What Makes Content Relevant and Beneficial?

Not all content is created equal. There’s a lot of poor quality content online that does more damage to businesses than owners realize. When you’re creating content for your site, make sure you’re providing content that is:  

  • High quality and provides a good user experience. 
  • Valuable and informative to the user. 
  • Useful to the reader. 
  • Credible and demonstrating authority in your industry. Cite references. Offer testimonials from customers. 
  • Engaging to the user through different media. 
  • Clean and free from errors, typos and inaccuracies.

As you think about actively initiating SEO in Ottawa, create relevant and useful content with appropriate keywords; the search engines will respond positively. 

Create Content with Your Audience in Mind

Many businesses create content based on what they want to share. A better way to create content for search engine marketing in Ottawa is to put your audience first and create content that your reader is looking for. Content is the heart of your SEO strategy. If you need help with the technical side, an SEO agency in Ottawa can be a valuable partner to make sure you’re hitting the marks. Contact the WSI team to learn more about content and SEO in Ottawa

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Katrina Salvatore

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