If you are planning a train journey to hyderabad, then here are some trains to consider

The capital city of Telangana and one of the most liked metropolitans in India, the city of Hyderabad is a gem of a city for both business travelers and tourists alike. The Nawabi lifestyle and efficient infrastructure have drawn many hearts to the city. The city has some of the most iconic architectural and historical wonders in the country. The Golconda fort and the Charminar are iconic structures that have stood the test of time. Delhi to Hyderabad trains brings in many tourists each day just to see these pretty attractions here.

The train ride between Delhi and Hyderabad takes around a day, but it winds through some of the most beautiful rural panoramas. Drawing a bee-line across India, the trains cross some of the most famous stations like Gwalior, Jhansi, and Nagpur.

Delhi To Hyderabad Trains

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One spends an entire day on the train while traveling to Hyderabad from the capital city of Delhi. Although some premium trains tickets cost as much as air-fare, Delhi to Hyderabad trains are still a preferred option. It’s a ride for those who like fun and excitement. The journey is possible on a shoe-string budget or a luxurious AC coach; the decision belongs to the traveler.

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Delhi to Hyderabad Trains Time Table

There are many trains to pick from when traveling between Delhi and Hyderabad. You can find a train every day, and the fare can be as low as INR 300/- per ticket. Find the train that works best for you, and find the details here:

Train Number Train Name Time of Departure Time of Arrival Travel Times Days of Operation Fair (in INR) 
22692Bangalore Rajdhani08:45 PM06:25 PM21 hours 40 minsAll DaysAC First Class – 5,445.00

AC 2 Tier – 4,375.00

AC 3 Tier – 3,120.00

12650KTK SMPRK K Express06:25 AM07:05 PM24 hrs 40 minsAll days except Wednesday and FridayAC First Class – 3,965.00

AC 2 Tier – 2,310.00

AC 3 Tier – 1,585.00

Sleeper Class – 600.00

12724Telangana Express05:25 PM07:35 PM26 hrs 10 minsAll DaysAC First Class – 4,430.00

AC 2 Tier – 2,575.00

AC 3 Tier – 1,770.00

Sleeper Class – 670.00

12722Dakshin Express11:00 PM05:00 AM30 hrsAll DaysAC 2 Tier – 2,555.00

AC 3 Tier – 1,775.00

Sleeper Class – 665.00

12438Nizamuddin Secunderabad Rajdhani03:55 PM02:00 PM22 hrs 05 minsSunday OnlyAC First Class – 5,420.00

AC 2 Tier – 2,255.00

AC 3 Tier – 2,585.00

12286Nizamuddin Duronto Express03:45 PM02:00 PM22 hrs 15 minsMonday and FridayAC First Class – 5,420.00

AC 2 Tier – 4,375.00

AC 3 Tier – 3,120.00

Sleeper Class – 1240.00

12708AP SMPRK KRANTI07:10 AM09:50 AM26 hrs 40 minsWednesday, Friday and SundayAC 2 Tier – 2,555.00

AC 3 Tier – 1,775.00

Sleeper Class – 665.00

12648Kongu Express08:35 AM12:10 PM27 hrs 35 minsWednesday OnlyAC 2 Tier – 2,555.00

AC 3 Tier – 1,775.00

Sleeper Class – 665.00

22706TPTY Hamsufar04:55 PM10:55 PM30 hrsFriday OnlyAC 3 Tier – 2,005.00
12214YPR Duronto express11:00 PM09:15 PM22 hrs 15 minsMonday OnlyAC First Class – 5,470.00

AC 2 Tier 3,295.00

AC 3 Tier – 3,160.00

Note: Timings and fares are subject to minor changes and will be announced by Indian Railways on thier official website.

Delhi To Hyderabad Trains Fare & Other Info

Delhi to Hyderabad trains

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The train fare for Delhi to Hyderabad trains vary to both extremes. You can opt to travel in a luxurious First-Class-Rajdhani coach and pay as much as INR 5,500 or take a humble sleeper class berth for just INR 300/-. The most used train is the Rajdhani and the Telangana Express.

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To book tickets for your trains between Delhi and Hyderabad, you can log onto https://www.irctc.co.in/ Once here, fill your station details at the booking form on the home page, and the website will generate a list of trains. Depending on the time, seat availability, and cost, you can select the train you prefer. The ticket fare is payable online using a safe payment gateway, and the ticket generated immediately.

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Excited about traveling to Hyderabad? Book one of these Delhi to Hyderabad trains and let us know about your journey in the comments below. Book your holiday to the city of Nizams with TravelTriangle, and have a hasslefree experience.

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