LINK, AAVE, and Uniswap now added to the Wirex payments platform | Invezz

Digital payments platform Wirex has listed 5 new cryptocurrencies from top DeFi players on its platform. These include AAVE, YFI, UNI, MKR, and LINK.

The platform also said the tokens will be available for purchase without transaction fees for a limited time.

Giving consumers more control over their money

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Wirex has joined a list of other major major payment platforms to embrace the DeFi tokens. The company is looking to democratize access to the benefits of cryptocurrencies.

Wirex says the addition of the assets is part of its resolve to address real-world problems and give consumers more control over their funds.

The platform already has 9 traditional and 9 crypto assets it offers on its platform, as it seeks to bridge the gap between traditional and digital economies.

Other DeFi-based assets to be launched this year

With this addition, buying, holding, and exchanging more crypto assets are now possible on the Wirex platform using their contactless Wirex card that is available across 61 million locations across the world.

The company said the inclusion of the tokens will not be the last this year, as there are plans to include other DeFi-based tokens before the end of the year.

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of AAVE, Stani Kulechov commented about the development. He stated that,

DeFi is about accessibility, and Wirex makes it simple for users to onboard and uses digital assets.

More mainstream adoption in the DeFi spaces

Kulechov added that Wirex has shown immense commitment to bring DeFi closer to the mainstream with the addition of the assets. This is vital to the development of the DeFi and crypto space, he said.

Wirex has been very busy in the market lately, with series of projects and innovations channeled towards the development of the DeFi space. Observers have noted that the addition of the assets will be a win-win situation for both Wirex and the crypto assets involved.

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