Maniesh Paul on people defaming Bollywood: Everyone is misusing their right to freedom of speech

Some call it noise, some are terming it as pertinent debates, but Bollywood and its functioning are what is ruling the primetime new and dinner table discussion these days. But it has resulted in showing the Hindi film industry in very poor light, something which actor Maniesh Paul finds quite disheartening.

“I feel a lot of people who have nothing to do with the industry are the people who are talking the most about the industry. The people who have not experiences, people who have no idea about what goes around in the industry are the people who are talking about most. So it is sad,” shares Paul.

The actor, who largely stayed away from such discussions on any platform, laments how a lot of people are making the situation nasty.

“It is sad. Yes, we have this freedom of speech but people are misusing that. Everybody is pointing fingers at each other, there are so many allegations and then people are coming to conclusions. I feel so bad that they have made this industry into a bad place which it is not,” he asserts. 

Paul, who recently starred in a short film, Hichki, that was shot during this pandemic, feels that it is time for people to just hold their opinions and calm down as there is already so much negativity around.

“Log na har cheez ka hauaa banate hain. I just feel that people who have nothing to do with the industry should just keep shut and engage themselves in something else. I get that because of Covid a lot of people are sitting at home and they have nothing to do and everybody is passing judgments. I am just done with it,” the actor muses.


Many also fear that all this slandering of the film industry may have a negative impact on the audiences minds, but Paul thinks otherwise.

“For example we love our family, but if we get angry with them we don’t go and criticise them to this level or disown them. I come from a school of thought wherein I look for a solution for anything, be it any kind of adverse situation,” he concludes.

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