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It is imperative to pay attention to your skin as it should not only look good on the outside but be healthy on the inside as well. The term pH expands to potential of hydrogen. Numerous skin care experts and specialist have told us that our skin is naturally acidic with the skin pH of average human being 4.7. This is why the skincare products which we use do have a significant impact on our skin pH levels.

Myth 1: It’s good to use alkaline products

Nonetheless, you may be thinking that the natural pH of skin is between 4.5 and 5.5 which bend more towards the acidic side so it must be good to use alkaline based products right? Well, this is one of the most common myths that people fall prey to as they believe that using alkaline heavy bathing and cosmetic products will be good for them. This is not the case as the skin pH level should stay more or less the same. The repeated usage of alkaline or acid heavy skin care products can cause common skin disorders like dry skin and itchy surface.

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At the same time, you must not fret too much if you have been disturbing your skin pH levels by using highly alkaline or acidic products. This is because the skin pH levels normally restore to their original state after a while. The only situation in which you must see dermatologist is if your skin looks unhealthy on the outside. This can be signs of itchy, scratch, inflamed, cracked or rough skin. Moreover, if the sensitivity levels of your skin have suddenly changed then this also is a sign of disturbed pH levels.

Myth 2: You should wait before applying skin care products

Another common myth around skin pH is that of people who practice routine skin care. This is when they deliberately wait for some time after they have taken bath with an alkaline heavy soap and do not want to apply moisturizer or other skin care products. This stems from the fear that they may harm the skin pH levels as they can bind with the alkaline nature of soap if they are alkaline heavy and acidic nature of the shampoo if it the product, they are applying is also acidic of course.

Clearing up this myth is the fact that the pH level of all water-based solutions remains intact. Moreover, since most cosmetic and skin care products are also water based, they will definitely keep their pH level which was recorded at the time of creation. This is because the ingredients used to establish a product’s pH range are strong enough to help it maintain the same level.

Myth 3: You must worry if your skin pH is different than that of your family members

One last thing that people frequently ask is why the pH of skin is different from that of their parents or other family members and should they be concerned? Well, the answer of this lies in the fact that skin pH is a combination of both external and internal factors. This includes age; ethnicity and even the climate so don’t worry if your skin level doesn’t match that or your family member exactly. As long as your skin pH is between 4.5 to 5.5 on the pH scale, your skin will be supple, toned and elastic as it generally should be.

With inputs from Soumali Adhikary, Beauty Content Creator

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