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Naagin 5 starts with Bani (Surbhi Chandna) looking out for Veer (Sharad Malhotra). She enters the forest. She meets Jay (Mohit Sehgal). She tells him that she needs to find out where Veer is at all costs. Jay tells Bani that he will take her to a baba who will help her find out where Veer is. Jay tells her to have faith in him. Veer wakes up in the dungeon. He remembers the entire sequence of Rani/Bani. His memory has returned. He recollects how he got trapped in the dungeon. Veer wants to escape. Jay and Bani are walking on a road. Bani hears the cries of her unborn baby in the stomach. She wonders what is wrong. Jay is also confused. Bani walks towards a building and the baby laughs. Though Jay wants to take her elsewhere, Bani listens to her baby. Jay wants to stop her at all costs. Also Read – Naagin 5: Sharad Malhotra opens up on the show going off-air; says, ‘Veeranshu Singhania will always be a part of me’

Bani takes a snake form and reaches an isolated bungalow. Even Tapish Bhai reaches there. Jay tells her that she is wasting her time. Bani asks her child if she is in the right place. Bani tells Jay to be quiet if he cannot assist her. Veer is getting agitated inside the dungeon. He decides to break the wall. Bani can hear the noise coming from the bungalow. She gets inside along with Tapish Bhai. Bani sits on the floor and realises that there is a dungeon below it. Bani takes form as Aadi Naagin and hits at the floor. Veer gathers strength as a Cheel and emerges out. Bani tells him that she is thankful that he is safe. He slaps her. Also Read – Naagin 5, 30 January 2021 written update: Jay assumes the form of Rani and traps Veer in a deadly manner

Tapish Bhai corrects him. Veer tells him that this woman is a magician and she put my life in danger. Veer says I will not trust you ever. He tells Bani to shut up. Veer walks out. Bani tells Tapish to accompany him as he could be in danger. Veer overhears this. He comes back and says there is a strong force that brings you close to me. He asks her if she is Bani/Rani. He says he feels powerless. Bani starts crying. He says I will fight my feelings and again walks out. The unborn baby in her stomach starts crying. Veer can hear the noise. He asks Tapish Bhai if he can hear something. Also Read – Bigg Boss 14, Naagin 5, The Kapil Sharma Show – here are the TV Newsmakers of the week


Bani starts weeping. Jay tells her that she cannot redeem the situation. He tells her to come with him. Bani tells Jay that she is absolutely alone. Jay hugs her. They walk back. Bani feels too tired and leans against a tree. Jay tells her let us rest somewhere for a bit. He takes her inside a house. Jay tells Bani that the house has only one bedroom. Bani says she can look after herself. Jay feels happy. Bani says though she might be away from Veer she will do anything to keep Veer safe. Jay wants to make tea for Bani.

Veer is able to hear the cries of his unborn baby. Tapish cannot hear it. Veer says the voice of an infant does not seem to be leaving me. He says only I can hear the voice. She says Bani/Rani has done black magic on me. He tells Tapish and Meera to leave the room. Veer can hear the voice more clearly and loudly. He feels very disturbed.

Veer’s father and Tapish are worried for him. The noise gets louder for Veer. He puts on his headphones for some relief. But the baby’s noise is persistent. Veer is scared. Bani wakes up and says she wants to leave. Jay tries to stop her. He tells her that Veer does not love or respect her. Bani says I want to find out who has made plans against Veer. Bani says he is my love, my husband and I want to find out my enemy.

Jay tells Bani that her enemy is too strong. He tells her how powerful her rival is. He reminds her of how her enemy broke the barrier of Bel Patra outside the farmhouse. Bani wonders how he knows about the Bel Patra. She understands that he is the real enemy.

Veer’s father and Tapish enter his room. He says he can hear the noise non-stop. He says the voice will kill me. Bani takes Jay outside the mansion on the pretext of a walk. Veer thinks he will go mad. Bani says I want to remove all thoughts of Veer. Jay says you must marry me. Bani walks down. She tells Jay to go and out pain relief ointment from the house. Bani quickly takes snake form and escapes from there. Jay is looking for her.

Veer can hear the baby’s voice. Bani hides in the woods. Jay is looking out for her. He takes snake form and comes in front of her. She pushes him. Bani says I know everything. She asks him if he wants her powers. Jay says I want your powers. Jay says I will kill you and become the owner of Naagmani. Bani says we are devotees of Lord Bholenath and must respect him.

Jay says I worship the devil. Bani says Veer gave you shelter. Jay says I will not spare him. Bani calls him a complete liar and fraud. She says you are a liar. Jay says I did kill Maarkaat. He says I killed my mother as I wanted to move ahead. Bani says I cannot believe that I trusted a fraud like you. She says you have always been a cheat. Bani assumes the form of Aadi Naagin and holds him. Jay changes his form.

Jay says I have got all the powers of Maarkat. He says I can kill you. Bani vanishes from the spot. Veer is fed up of the baby’s voice. Bani runs on the road and hits his car. Veer asks her why did she come in front of him. Veer tells Bani that he is leaving everyone. Veer tells her that he is going mad. He asks Bani who is she? Veer says I tried hard to understand you. He tells her to get lost.

Jay says today he will kill Bani. He looks out for her. Bani comes in front of him in full strength. Jay is all-powerful. Veer hears the baby’s voice crying aloud. Bani and Jay fight it out.

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