NFL Rumors: Urban Meyer’s journey in the league likely to last one season

Taking over a franchise in as much disarray as the Jacksonville Jaguars is hard for anyone, let alone a first-time NFL coach in Urban Meyer.

After a rather underwhelming first match in charge of the Jaguars, as they lost to the Houston Texans, it now appears that Meyer could make a rather quick return back to college football.

Having made himself a legend in college football circles with Ohio State and the Florida Gators, in which Meyer won championships with both programs, much was expected of Meyer to make an easy transition into the NFL.

However, as we know, the NFL is a totally different beast compared to college football. While it is still early in his tenure at the Jaguars, there have already been some red flags raised.


The first was the extremely odd situation with Tim Tebow and his positional change. It was much hyped only for the Jags to cut the former Denver Broncos quarterback.

Then there was the opening day debacle at the hands of the Texans, in which the Jaguars lost 37-21. So it hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing for Meyer, and it’s not exactly what he or the NFL community expected from such a glorified college coach.

The Jaguars are not going to be a quick fix, and most fans know that, but if for some reason the situation in Jacksonville does not work out for Urban Meyer, then there are some people who believe that he would be more than happy to return to college football where he made his name.

Michael Lombardi has stated on social media that sources have told him that Meyer would welcome the opportunity to return to college football. There have been other outlets reporting the same thing as the story gathers pace.

One team that has already been sounded out is the USC Trojans. Since firing their head coach Clay Helton, Meyer’s name has come up in conversation. Having been down to its usual standards, having a coach such as Urban Meyer take the reigns could be the start of something special.

However, given that Meyer is going to have at least this year in the NFL, the Trojans could very well have their coach signed, sealed and delivered before Meyer even has a chance. Names have already popped up in the race for the job, with Bob Stoops and Luke Fickell being the leading candidates.

It is no secret that success follows Meyer wherever he goes. Winning at Bowling Green, then onto Utah, Florida and then to the Ohio State Buckeyes, winning and Meyer go hand in hand.

There is still so much water to go under the bridge, and let’s not forget he has only coached one game in the NFL, but it certainly appears that if Meyer wants a return to college football, he will have no shortage of suitors.

Edited by Henno van Deventer

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