Online Python Programming Course With 2,500 Scholarships – Google Introduces

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The computer sector is such a kind of field where changes happen rapidly, the technologies changes after a short duration of time & new methodologies always come and go. An employee who works in any of the computer fields at any position always needs to keep himself updated to these technologies & methodologies.

Python is now the most in-demand programming language. The search engine giant Google has launched a new training course to help more job seekers learn Python, a key skill that many companies are looking for.

The new training program is called the Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate, will be available through the online education service Coursera.

The training program will be of six months duration and it is completely designed by keeping a beginner in mind and it will culminate in a final capstone project focused on programming for automation.

The final project includes in this course is created in such a way so that the learners will use their new skills to solve a problem they might encounter on the job, like building a web service using automation.

The course is designed to provide job-ready skills in Python, Gitand IT automation in under six months.

“Python is now the most trending programming language, and more than 530,000 U.S. jobs, including 75,000 entry-level jobs require Python proficiency. With this new certificate, you can learn Python, Git and IT automation within six months,” Natalie Van Kleef Conley Product Lead, Grow with Google, said.