Oxygen concentrator required? Know types, models, price and which one should you buy here

The demand for oxygen concentrators witnessed a massive spike amid the second wave of the pandemic, as many gasped for the life-saving air. With hospitals running out of beds and oxygen cylinders, patients smartly used and many are using oxygen concentrators at home to ensure that their oxygen level doesn’t drop to severe levels. 

How many types of oxygen concentrators are available?

Oxygen concentrators come in multiple variants depending on the need and the place where you’re using them, among other factors. For instance, a larger model is suitable for the hospital for home usage while a portable can be used while travelling in a plane. 

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The two major types of Oxygen concentrators: 

1. Continuous flow oxygen concentrator: Continuous flow oxygen concentrator ensures that the same flow of oxygen is maintained throughout irrespective of the fact that whether the patient is breathing it in or not. 

2. Pulse dose oxygen concentrator: Pulse dose oxygen concentrators are efficient in a way, as they detect the breathing pattern of the patient and then dispense oxygen accordingly. 

How does oxygen concentrators work? 

The role of oxygen concentrators is to dispense oxygen like how oxygen tanks do. However, the major difference between the two is that while oxygen tanks contain a fixed amount of pressurized oxygen, concentrators collect oxygen from the surrounding air for the patient, thereby eliminating the need for any replacement or refilling.

In a normal situation, the air has 21 per cent oxygen. The oxygen concentrator’s role is to suck the atmospheric air, filter nitrogen and other gaseous elements, compresses the remaining oxygen, and dispense it through the cannula. 

When should you buy an oxygen concentrator? 

You should purchase an oxygen concentrator only on the advice of a physician. Instead of directly buying an oxygen concentrator, you can first go for a pulse oximeter which can update you about the blood oxygen levels in a snap. 

Best oxygen concentrator models available in India

For matters like health, it is advisable to go for only quality goods. In the case of oxygen concentrators also, brands such as Philips, BPL and Acer BioMedicals are known for making quality devices. 

You can easily buy oxygen concentrators from the safety of your home. Here are a few oxygen concentrators for usage at home: 

BPL Oxy 5 Neo Dual (two oxygen outlets): Capacity: 5L, Oxygen concentration: 93%, Price: Rs 65,000

Philips EverFlo – Capacity: 5L; Oxygen concentration: 93%; Price: Rs 45,000

BPL Oxy 5 Neo – Capacity: 5L; Oxygen concentration: 93%; Price: Rs 65,000Acer 

Biomedicals (ABM) Oxicon 11 – Capacity: 5L; Oxygen concentration: 93%; Price: Rs 35,000

– With inputs from DNA India

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