Porta potty rentals have become an essential service for events, construction sites, and outdoor gatherings. These temporary toilets provide a convenient and hygienic solution for people to relieve themselves when they are not near a permanent bathroom. If you’re planning an event or working on a construction site, here’s what you need to know about porta potty rentals.

Types of Porta potty rental

There are several types of rental porta potties available for rental, including standard units, deluxe units, and ADA-compliant units. Standard units are the most basic and commonly rented type of porta potty. These units typically include a toilet seat, urinal, and hand sanitizer dispenser.

Deluxe units offer more amenities, such as a sink, mirror, and paper towel dispenser. These units are ideal for events where guests will be dressing up or require additional hygiene facilities.

ADA-compliant units are designed to accommodate individuals with disabilities. These units include wider doors, grab bars, and lower toilet seats to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Number of Units Needed

The number of porta potties needed for your event or construction site will depend on the number of attendees or workers and the duration of the event.

 A general rule of thumb is to provide one porta potty for every 50 people for events lasting up to 4 hours. For longer events or construction sites, you may need to provide more units or have them serviced more frequently.

Location and Placement

When renting porta potties, it’s important to consider the location and placement of the units.

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 You’ll want to choose a location that is easily accessible and visible to attendees or workers. It’s also important to consider the terrain and make sure the area is level and stable.

You should also consider the placement of the units in relation to other facilities, such as food and beverage areas. It’s best to place the porta potties away from these areas to reduce odors and keep them clean.

Service and Maintenance

Porta potties in boston require regular service and maintenance to ensure they remain clean and hygienic. When renting porta potties, the rental company should provide regular cleaning and maintenance services to keep the units in good condition.

It’s important to communicate with the rental company about the frequency of service and what is included in the rental agreement. 

You may need to schedule additional cleaning or servicing if the event or construction site lasts longer than anticipated or if there is heavy usage.


The cost of porta potty rentals will vary depending on the type of unit, the duration of the rental, and the location. Deluxe units and ADA-compliant units will generally cost more than standard units.

Additional costs may include delivery and pickup fees, as well as additional cleaning or servicing fees. Be sure to get a detailed quote from the rental company and understand what is included in the rental agreement.


Porta potty rentals are a convenient and necessary solution for events and construction sites.

By understanding the types of units available, the number of units needed, and the location and placement of the units, you can ensure that your event or construction site is equipped with the appropriate facilities. 

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It’s also important to communicate with the rental company about service and maintenance and understand the costs associated with the rental.