PUBG Mobile Lite Indian version will be released as BGMI Lite for sure, confirms Ghatak

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It’s been a few months since the official release of BGMI, or the Indian version of PUBG Mobile. With a substantial player base and millions of downloads, the game has enjoyed great success.

Players of PUBG Mobile Lite, on the other hand, have been somewhat disappointed because a toned-down counterpart is still to be announced. As a result, individuals with low-end devices have been considerably upset because there were few alternatives or replacements for their favourite title.

They have been looking for answers, in the process tagging officials, esports athletes, and content creators on various social media platforms.

Ghatak mentions the future release of BGMI Lite

Abhijeet “Ghatak” Andhare, a key personality in the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) community, has brought some solace to Indian PUBG Mobile Lite enthusiasts. He reassured the players about the potential launch of BGMI Lite in one of his Instagram stories.


Ghatak's story on his Instagram handle about the lighter version of BGMI (Image via Instagram)
Ghatak’s story on his Instagram handle about the lighter version of BGMI (Image via Instagram)

Fans have been asking for an update on the availability of their title in India for several months now. Ghatak’s Instagram story has provided them with a sense of relief.

He has stated the following regarding the release of BGMI Lite:

“It will take time but BGMI Lite / PUBG Lite will be released for sure.”

Adding onto Ghatak’s story, Sagar “Maxtern” Thakur, another prominent figure in the game’s community, had tweeted this about the game:

“BGMI Lite see You soon!”

Maxtern's tweet regarding BGMI Lite (Image via Twitter)
Maxtern’s tweet regarding BGMI Lite (Image via Twitter)

This has piqued fans’ interest, who are eagerly awaiting news from the developer side as well. While both have stated that the game’s official release may take some time, it will undoubtedly see the light of day.

Still, there has been no confirmation from the developers about BGMI Lite, so the fans who have been eagerly waiting for a year will have to wait some more.

(From timestamp of 32:30 to 33:05)

Back in May, Dynamo Gaming, in his live stream, stated that the release of BGMI Lite could be on the cards considering BGMI’s player base.

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