Real Madrid Manager Zinedine Zidane Demands Respect For Defending La Liga Champions

Zinedine Zidane demands respect for himself and Real Madrid despite underwhelming performances in La Liga this season. Defending champions Real Madrid are currently at the third spot on points table behind arch-rivals Atletico Madrid and Barcelona. Also Read – Happy Birthday, Cristiano Ronaldo: The Top-10 Facts About The Modern-Day Legend

The Los Blancos lost their last league match against Levante at home. After the defeat, Zidane’s position as manager of the club has been questioned by many. Also Read – Lionel Messi Transfer Rumours: Barcelona Superstar Denies Making Contact With Any Club

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However, Zidane talked about the speculations going around his future and Real’s underwhelming show. Also Read – Indian Cricket Team Has Now More Instagram Followers Than NBA Champions LA Lakers

“Well, I can’t see into the future, I can’t tell you what will happen,” Zidane responded when pressed. “I think we need to be in this until the end.

“There’s a lot of talk that maybe a change is needed, maybe the manager, maybe this, maybe that, whatever needs to happen will happen.

“I’ve said since day one I’m fortunate to be here, I’ll make the most of my time here until my last day at the club,” Zidane said.

The former French player said he and the players will not throw in the towel despite a challenging La Liga season.

“If people want me to throw in the towel or the players to give up, I can say neither I nor the players are going to do that.

“Of course a lot has been said about what we’re going through right now, this spell, we haven’t recently won enough games. But we’re confident we can turn the tide.

“I think we all want to, we all need to, give our all until the end of the season. Of course, a lot could happen from now until the end of the campaign but, as a team, we’re all rowing in the same direction. We’re never going to give up, we’ll give 100 per cent,” he added.

Zidane also snapped when asked about the uncertainty over his future and said Real Madrid deserve respect as they are the defending La Liga Champions.

“Are you serious? Everyday I’m out, and you know it,” a visibly angry Zidane said when asked if he was being defensive of his position and his team. “Last year we won the league.

“We did. Real Madrid… Next year they’ll have to do things, make changes maybe. But this year we have the right to fight. Let us fight.

“We won the league last year, not 10 years ago. Show a bit of respect for that. You [journalists] say a lot of things. But you have to take responsibility. Tell me to my face: I want you to go. We want you to go. But you have to say it, not behind my back,” Zidane said.

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