RTSmunity and GammaStack Announce New Partnership

RTSmunity and GammaStack Announce New Partnership 


With esports betting getting a record amount of attention in 2020, the betting industry has to show the ability to adapt. A prime example of that is a new partnership announced between esports odds provider RTSmunity and iGaming software solutions and services provider GammaStack. The new partnership aims to combine the strengths of both companies and make innovations in the iGaming universe worldwide.

RTSmunity took the spotlight of many live and digital conferences this year, in order to share their knowledge of esports analytics and betting. By developing their new Esports Betting Iframe, RTSmunity was able to round up the product offering in the field of esports. Live esports betting odds, risk management, betting exchange services and Esports Betting Iframe are the four main categories that cover all needs of existing betting operators. However, GammaStack also shines in the world of iGaming by offering white label as well as tailor-made iGaming solutions and services in a variety of verticals including sports betting software, fantasy sports, esports, and online casino, online lottery, etc. Their development services in the iGaming sector are known for fast and reliable delivery. Whether it’s about the integration of trending features, unique game types, or customizing the solution as per the client’s needs, they always meet the client’s needs in the most satisfying way.

What comes as a result of the mutual partnership is a possibility to deliver one of the esports products delivered by RTSmunity wrapped into a white label solution provided by GammaStack. This allows both companies to expand their product offering and satisfy the increased demand for esports betting products.

 Dilip Chouhan, CSO at GammaStack commented on the partnership: “We are glad that we found a reliable partner in the esports sector. RTSmunity has proven to be the leading provider of esports products thus we look forward to developing exclusive and ultra-modern solutions for clients worldwide. Our team is super excited to work on the new innovations along with RTSmunity’s talented team. The new partnership will surely reap benefits and exclusive discoveries in the world of iGaming and will be a contributor to the overall growth of the iGaming industry globally.”

Pavol Krasnovský, CEO of RTSmunity added: “The one thing that I value most about this partnership is the business fit for both sides. GammaStack has a higher level of experience as well as expertise in the global iGaming market as they have successfully delivered fully operational betting sites covering trending features, seamless payment solutions, etc. This allows us to keep the focus on esports betting products, where we lead the market. Together, we can now offer complementary products which increase the competitive advantage of both companies. Our Esports Betting Iframe was initially developed as a new esports vertical for existing operators, but now we can also deliver full esports betting websites, and I can’t wait to reveal the first one.

GammaStack is backed by a strong team of iGaming experts who boast unrivaled expertise in cutting-edge technologies as well as industry trends. Possessing 8+ years of experience in the industry enables them to offer the most trending and innovative solutions and services in the iGaming industry. RTSmunity is also a renowned name in the industry thus shaking hands with these two industry giants can lead to unparalleled and advanced product launchings in the upcoming time. 

The partnership already delivered its first result and flagship product which will be working under the UK Gambling license and will be announced in the upcoming weeks. Other projects will follow shortly after. 

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