Samsung launches Baker series microwaves in India with antibacterial ceramic coating – Times of India

Samsung has expanded its product portfolio with the introduction of Baker series microwaves in India. The device comes with features like steaming, grilling and frying. It sports a glass finish body and has 99.9% antibacterial ceramic coating inside.
Samsung has launched five models under the new Baker Series – two Grill Fry models and three Steam Cook models. All these models have a capacity of 23 litre and come with a starting price of Rs 10,290.
The new series Samsung microwaves can be purchased via Flipkart, Amazon and Samsung’s official online store.
Samsung Baker series microwaves are offered in three colours- Clean Pink, Pure Black and Clean Gray. As mentioned earlier, the microwaves come in two variants. One is the Steam Cook variant and the other is Grill Fry microwaves with Crusty Plate.
Grill Fry microwaves will enable consumers to prepare fried food without oil. Steam Cook microwaves, on the other hand come with a Steam Cooker and the Auto Steam function. It will allow one to steam vegetables, meat, fruits, eggs, porridge, rice, potatoes etc.
The microwaves come with ceramic enamel coating inside that is said to reduce the cooking time and allow faster heat penetration. There is an Eco Mode to reduce energy consumption on standby.
Samsung Baker series microwaves come with a Glass touch control panel. The display has 6 essential buttons.

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