Scorpio Daily Horoscope for Oct 12: Hasty decisions can be hazardous

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SCORPIO (Oct 24-Nov 22)

You are adventurous and love exploring different spheres of life. You may appear to have a tough exterior, but you have the softest heart and keep others’ interests before you. Being an intuitive water sign, you can easily understand people and their motives. Calm your mind and stay away from making any hasty decisions because you can end up regretting them later. Do not be impulsive and restless in your career. Remember, good things take time. You are a self-made individual; hence do not bow down to any pressure. Be proud of your achievements and appreciate those people who have been by your side. Your office may send you for client visits to various locations within the state. The trips will be short but relaxing.

Scorpio Finance Today

You may be likely to get an ancestral share of the property without any disputes among the siblings. Purchasing vehicles and assets are also on the cards. It is a great time to put your money into your business and the stock market. Your profit will be huge.


Scorpio Family Today

There can be some happy and joyous moments in your family. Your siblings may achieve good grades in their exams, leading to small celebrations. Someone from your house may get a marriage proposal.

Scorpio Career Today

If you do not like someone in the office, stay away from him/her. In the case of any project, you may likely miss the deadline and fall under the radar of your manager. To keep everything under control, do one thing at a time

Scorpio Health Today

You are less likely to fall sick and take good care of your health. Besides the physical body, make sure that you pamper your skin and hair, as well. Schedule an appointment at a spa centre.

Scorpio Love Life Today

Do not push your partner too much for commitment- now is not the time! Take everything slowly; till then, keep enjoying beautiful moments. Let your love bloom into something special and supreme.

Lucky Number: 3

Lucky Colour: Saffron


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