Should you buy the (CRO) token at its current price after the market low? | Invezz

The token CRO/USD has been following the recent market as even Bitcoin has fallen below the $30,000 mark, however, is still carrying out its DeFi mass-adoption mission.

While the cryptocurrency token itself has experienced a drop in value of 7% in the last 24 hours, it might still maintain its value long-term, and this might be the perfect time for many cryptocurrency investors to buy the token.

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On July 7, the UFC and announced a historic partnership, where became UFC’s first official Crypto Platform Partner, as well as its first Global Official Fight Kit Partner.

This will lead to a higher demand for the CRO token, as many UFC fans will finally get the chance to find out what cryptocurrencies are, and will be the perfect entry point for a lot of them.

On July 20, announced the launch of Cronos, the EVM chain with its new testnet, which features smart contracts, instant DApp portability, and a $100 million fund to support developers that build on Cronos.

This will initiate a larger interest in the CRO token as well, and with an increase in demand, the price can increase.

Should you buy (CRO)?

On July 20, CRO had a value of $0.099.

While this is far from its lowest point, it is still at an affordable price range that can attract the attention of a lot of investors.

To put this into perspective, in June, it saw its highest value on June 3 at $0.135, while it saw its lowest value on June 22 at $0.084.

The CRO token saw its all-time high value on February 22 at a value of $0.277. 

All of this gives us some perspective as to how high the token has the potential of rising, as well as how low it has fallen throughout its recent history.

With this out of the way, CRO is at its recent lowest point, and as such it might be a worthwhile purchase, especially with its UFC collaboration and launch of Cronos.

This will drive interest in the CRO token, and with this interest, we will see a heightened demand, larger circulating supply, and as such, a larger value of the token.

In fact, by the end of July, the CRO token has the potential to reach a value of $0.200, which might make it one of the best purchases you can make.

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