How to Spring Clean your Email Inbox with Minimum Effort ?


Nowadays, you are required to provide a valid email address for practically every service, whether it’s banking and finance, a new app registration, to win a prize or get a discount at the mall, for warranty registrations, and so much more.

And many times, our email addresses are shared indiscriminately by vendors and online marketers, thus making us soft targets for spam.

Now, according to studies, it is estimated that the electricity needed to transmit, store and display any email generates approximately four to 10 grams of CO₂. What’s worse is that only 10% of these newsletters is ever solicited. So, to reduce your carbon footprint, it makes sense to get rid of undesired email subscriptions. Besides, a clean inbox also makes it more manageable and actionable.

This 100%-free anti-spam service scans your email inbox—from providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft and Apple, among others—to help you unsubscribe and delete unwanted newsletters and spam. The French start-up proactively implements the General Data Protection Regulation—under EU law—that guarantees user privacy.

After you give Cleanfox secure access to your email, it uses algorithms to scan your inbox for newsletters and sorts them by criteria like ‘opening rate’ which is the number of times you have opened a mail from that sender and the number of emails from a particular address.

You can, accordingly, sort your newsletters using simple swipe actions: Right to do nothing, top to remain subscribed but delete older emails, or left to unsubscribe and delete older emails.

The service is also available as an app for Android and iOS. Besides, for every person that creates an account after using your invite code, Cleanfox plants a tree.

The company claims to have deleted over 1 billion emails—the equivalent of 10,470 round trips between Paris New-York—and it has also planted over two million trees in collaboration with WeForest, a science-based international non-profit.

Clean Email

This service is verified as a trusted application by service providers such as Google and Yahoo. Additionally, it undergoes an annual independent security review performed by the Leviathan Security Group. Clean Email, however, is not a free service like Cleanfox. But you get plenty of options that make it easier for you to manage your inbox. A free cleanup session lets you clear up to 1,000 emails, and this should be quite adequate for most people, but if you want all the bells and whistles, you will need to pay for a yearly subscription.

The service combines emails from all over your mailbox—using rules and filters—to display groupings of bounced email notifications, emails from addresses you know and recognise, emails sent or received a long time ago, emails to yourself, online shopping messages, travel emails, large emails, etc.

Under each of these sections, you get quick actions that let you remove or archive the emails; you can move bundles of emails to trash, apply labels, unsubscribe from unwanted emails, and block senders.

You can also configure Clean Email to apply rules and actions to your mailbox. For example, you can archive and ‘mark as read’ all social network notifications and get a daily summary to go through what you skipped. The service even lets you define “important” emails in the ‘Protected’, the ‘Friends and Family’ and the ‘Coworkers’ lists.

InstaClean – Email Cleaner

InstaClean is a free app—available for Android and iOS—that helps you unsubscribe from email newsletters, delete spam, and organise your inbox. It currently supports Gmail, Yahoo,, Yandex, Outlook, Zoho, and iCloud, among others.

After you give the app access to your account, it scans your inbox to give you a dashboard view of the total number of emails and the number of active newsletter subscriptions. You can then choose to bulk delete emails by sender, labels, or size.

Additionally, you can browse your inbox by month and year, and delete only bulk emails from within that period.
For every bulk deletion, you gain gold tokens. You also get 80 such coins for inviting your friends to use the app, and all of these can then be redeemed for planting a tree in the real world. Currently, VuMonic—the Bangalore-based company behind InstaClean—is planting trees in a village called Thevaram, Tamil Nadu.