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With a short interest float over 41%, Workhouse Group (NASDAQ: WKHS) really could be the next AMC or GME, and investors have decided to start pumping the value of this certified meme stock in recent days. Because of this, plenty of investors have been exhibiting increased interest in WKHS stock this week.

In light of this demand, we thought it would be helpful for our team of analysts to list the best places to buy WKHS shares online. Simply scroll down to compare your options and get involved.

Where to buy Workhorse Group stock today

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When investing in a stock like WKHS, your best bet is to sign up to a reliable stockbroker online. These are regulated services that offer exposure to many different assets including stocks, forex, commodities and even cryptocurrencies. In addition, many offer low-fee trading services and 24/7 customer support.

Here are two of the best platforms to buy Workhouse Group shares:

1) eToro

As one of the world’s most well known online brokerages, eToro is an easy-to-use platform for beginners that also has the advanced analytical tools that experienced investors crave.

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2) Plus500

Offering the flexibility of CFD trading, Plus500 is a great service to gain exposure to thousands of different investing instruments.

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If neither of these services are what you are looking for, check out our detailed comparison of the ten best stockbrokers and trading platforms of 2021. Moreover, if you don’t quite understand the process of investing and need a more introductory guide on how to buy Workhorse Group stock, click here.

What is Workhorse Group?

Founded in 1998 and based in Cincinnati, Ohio, it is an American manufacturing company that is currently focussed on manufacturing electric-powered delivery and utility vehicles. With upwards of 100 employees and 2 locations nationwide, some investors have been feeling bullish about the company’s prospects.

However, major institutions and hedge funds have expressed serious doubts about the company’s business model, leading them to open large short positions on the stock.

Why is WHKS rising in value?

There haven’t been any major catalysts, rumours or news events; it seems the reason behind this surge is the widespread short squeeze crazed that was originally initiated by the popular Reddit community, WallStreetBets.

Should I buy WHKS stock?

With the largest short float on the market today, Workhorse Group is a prime candidate for an almighty short squeeze and it is already up more than 60%. Quite whether things play out this way remains to be seen with investors currently diverting the bulk of their attention towards stocks like GameStop and AMC.

If you want to throw the fundamentals out of the window and take a high-risk gamble with the potential for serious rewards, WHKS could be an investment to seriously consider.

Will WHKS make me rich?

This is unlikely, though if the events of 2021 have shown us anything, it is that extraordinary things can happen at unexpected times. Should you get in while the stock is trading at around $15, you could be in for an interesting journey that could lead to major gains.

WKHS price prediction

We are unable to provide a definitive WKHS price target because of the unpredictable environment the stock is currently occupying, though we wouldn’t be surprised to see a substantial uptick in the coming days, weeks or months.

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