Stop ransomware hackers or US will strike back, Joe Biden warns Putin – Times of India

NEW YORK: President Joe Biden warned President Putin of Russia on Friday that time was running out for him to rein in the ransomware hacking groups striking the US, telegraphing that this could be Putin’s final chance to take action on Russia’s harbouring of cybercriminals before the US moved to dismantle the threat.
In Biden’s starkest warning yet, he conveyed to Putin that the attacks would no longer be treated only as criminal acts, but as national security threats — and thus may provoke a far more severe response, officials said. It is a rationale that has echoes of the legal justification used by the US when they cross inside another country’s borders to rout terrorist groups. “I made it clear to him that we expect them to act if we give them enough information to act on who that is,” Biden told reporters.

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