Talking to Your Family About Funeral Pre-Planning

Talking to Your Family About Funeral Pre-Planning


Many families find it difficult to talk about death. We never feel prepared when someone dies. Death makes us remember everything we haven’t done. Death can lead to family disputes. We can feel guilty for asking our loved ones to take care of the decisions involving our death. Even the closest families often don’t discuss end-of-life decisions.

Funeral pre-planning in Ottawa is one way to start that discussion and to alleviate some of the burdens of death. You may worry about how your family will respond when you talk about death and funerals but avoiding the discussion until it’s too late will simply delay the discomfort, not eliminate it.  

Take the First Step of Funeral Planning in Ottawa  

If you’re concerned about how your family will respond to funeral pre-planning, you can discuss and document your wishes with a funeral director at a funeral home in Ottawa. Let your legal representative or executor know that you have pre-planned a funeral. When the time comes, you can rest easy knowing that your wishes will be carried out. It can also be a great relief to your loved ones to have your funeral pre-planned, because it is difficult to make those decisions without knowing your wishes.  

Don’t Avoid Talking About Death  

Death is not a pleasant topic. We don’t want to see our loved ones get upset at the thought that you won’t be around forever. You want them to celebrate your life after your death with comfort knowing that it’s how you wanted. Let our funeral directors help answer your questions about funeral pre-planning in Ottawa. We can give you tips on how to talk to your family. Contact us to get started. 

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