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MP and author Shashi Tharoor replied to a tweet about his book being featured in a movie ‘Uda Aida’.

‘Uda Aida’ is a Punjabi movie that released last year. It’s a comedy about how a family of humble means has to deal with rich families when their son is enrolled in a school where he interacts with them. It stars Tarsem Jassar and Neeru Bajwa in lead roles.

In one scene you see a mother reading and the book in her hands is ‘An Era of Darkness: The British Empire in India’. A fan watching the movie noticed this and posted a picture of the scene on Twitter tagging Dr. Tharoor who replied.

The book, ‘An Era of Darkness’, is about how the British colonial rule truly devastated India. The book is a detailed version of the speech he gave at the Oxford Union, where he explained why the British owe India reparations. The video went viral and the book was a hit as well.

Dr Tharoor’s next book is on Nationalism and how it’s meaning has changed over time. Titled ‘The Battle Of Belonging: On Nationalism, Patriotism, And What It Means To Be Indian’ the book is due to release by November 2020.

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